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Home Improvements With the Highest Returns

Home Improvements With the Highest Returns

Homeowners decide on home improvement projects for many reasons. kitchen cabinets get bored with the appearance of the interior. A room may be outdated or no longer suit the needs of the family. Exterior improvements, such as replacement windows or new siding, are typically completed to increase energy efficiency and save money on utility bills.


Some Add Little Property Value


While any improvements add to the appearance and functionality of the space, many do not provide high returns on the investment. Closing off a corner to create a closet, for example, will not add much to the property value. Home buyers expect closets in most rooms, especially bedrooms, so that improvement adds to the functionality of the room. It is a minor investment, so there are no great losses.


Having a patio created allows the family to get more use out of the backyard but does not raise the value substantially. Screening the front porch, painting the garage, and adding a breakfast nook are other examples. Those improvements are well worth the expense, just realize the expense will not be recouped when the house goes on the market.


High Returns


A bathroom remodeling project is the one home improvement that offers the highest return on the investment. Remodeling affordable kitchen cabinets can add thousands of dollars to the value of the home. Altering a small bathroom so it looks bigger and has adequate storage space is a wise decision. Not only will it modernize the features, the updating will make the house more attractive to buyers.


Adding a shower enclosure or changing that regular tub to a whirlpool tub does not require a lot of time or money but will definitely help the house sell faster. Consider some bathroom remodeling if there are plans to sell the house now or in the future.


The Kitchen


Another project that provides a high return is kitchen remodeling. The kitchen is a central gathering place in the home. Friends can have coffee at the island, homework often gets done at the table, and the family spends a great deal of time there preparing meals. An outdated kitchen can make the entire house less attractive to buyers.


This project of kitchen remodeling requires planning, will take a larger budget than a bathroom renovation, and needs professionals to complete it. Design help, selection of materials and appliances, and construction will go smoothly if one company is used for the whole project. Find a company that has experience, provides comprehensive services, and offers a wide variety of products from the showroom.

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